In December 2017, I slipped and fell on hardwood floors and gave myself a severe concussion. Over the next 12 months it felt as though my head was:

  • constantly vibrating
  • was full of pressure
  • in a fog with constant ringing in both ears
  • and I had little to no energy

I tried Cranial Sacral treatments, chiropractors, massages, as well as visual and balance exercises. These helped with the symptoms short term but never got me to a point where I felt good. I still had no energy and found myself on the couch most days by mid afternoon.

As nothing was helping to relieve my symptoms, and it was a year since my fall, I was starting to become depressed. It was then that I joined a Concussion Support Group on Facebook. Many people were talking about “Nucca” and commenting how it had helped them. Upon researching I found Dr. Gary Thomson who specializes in the “Nucca” treatments located here in Kelowna.

Twelve to twenty – four hours after my first treatment with Dr. Thomson my neck was very stiff and sore, and I had a major headache. But then, my headache disappeared, and my neck was not sore or stiff for the first time since my fall. But what was most encouraging was the amount of energy that I had.

I have only had four treatments to date and cannot believe how for the first time in a year I am beginning to feel like myself again. My head is no longer foggy or vibrating. I still have some ringing in my ears but believe that will disappear in time. The thing that I am so grateful for is having energy.

For the first time in a year, I can finally, walk 5 kms, clean my house and cook meals all in the same day!!

For anyone suffering from a concussion, I would highly recommend having this treatment done as soon as possible.

S. Brown

Neck Pain/Headaches,Back Pain

Four years ago I was the passenger in a car accident. As a result I now suffer from severe whiplash. For many years I was told I had deep muscle tissue damage but treatment for this did not work. I was forced to quit doing many of the things I loved such as running, soccer, and hiking. I could barely walk at an incline and could not sit for more than an hour without getting a migraine. This also impacted my ability to work, as I was unable to work full time.

The pain was excruciating. In order to attend school I had to go to appointments twice a week. I had physiotherapy for about a year and then switched to a chiropractor, which I went to for about 6 months. No matter what therapy I sought nothing was making me feel better. When I moved to Kelowna, BC I began attending Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) twice a week, which was necessary to relieve my pain so I could sit through an hour and a half class. After a while it seemed as though I was addicted to the IMS treatment, and only because it relaxed my muscles, not because it was fixing my problem. It had now been three years post-accident and I decided to see a Kinesiologist. I attended twice a week in the hope that he would be able to realign my body. This was successful and the last step to relieve my pain was to fix my neck…he noticed that my neck was not straight and then referred me to Gary Thomson at NUCCA Kelowna.

This was my last option to become healthy and pain free and to potentially return to doing what I love. Thomson deals with the alignment of the spine. He took X-rays of my neck and discovered that I was suffering from whiplash as a result of the accident and not the deep muscle tissue damage I was seeking treatment for. In fact, my C1 and C2 vertebrates were out of line, which basically means that my head was not sitting on my spine correctly. I initially saw Thomson once a week and over six month period we have lengthened the time between treatments to once a month and soon I will be attending every three months.

Over six months time, I have gotten my life back, I am now running, working out, and hiking. I have little problems sitting for long periods of time, my migraines are down to a minimum, and my pain has significantly decreased. I thought I would never again feel normal. Becoming healthy and pain free again is such an incredible feeling, and I would never have come this far without the help of Gary at NUCCA Kelowna.

Christina Rossi

I have been suffering with Migraine headaches for over 30 years, primarily triggered by changes in Barometric pressure. While I was able to manage these Migraines with Advil, Tylenol, and caffeine, they were persistent, (about 15 per month), and significantly impacted my quality of life.

Working with my physician, we tried several “preventive” Migraine medications. They were not effective and the side effects were too pronounced to continue. I also saw a Chiropractor for 2½ years for Migraine and back-related issues, with limited success.

I began treatments with Dr. Gary Thomson of NUCCA Kelowna in late April 2017. Dr. Thomson was clear from the outset that we would know within 6-8 weeks if the treatments were going to be effective. Having been to Chiropractors before, I was relieved at how gentle the adjustments were with Dr. Thomson. (They were so gentle that I actually wondered how this could possibly work!)

Within one week of treatments my Migraines were reduced. During May 2017, a month of significantly unstable weather, I had only four Migraines, all of which were much less severe. In June, I have had only two. Upon suffering a Migraine, a trip to Dr. Thomson usually confirmed that my head/neck alignment had regressed slightly. On one occasion we concluded there was some other cause of the headache, as I required no adjustment. (Unlike many other Chiropractors, Dr. Thomson does not adjust unless it’s necessary).

I am now at the 8-week mark in my treatments with Dr. Thomson. My adjustments are holding for approximately 10-14 days and I am living mostly Migraine free. NUCCA treatment with Dr. Thomson is the first treatment for Migraine headaches that has worked for me. My life without regular Migraines is significantly better; I have almost no headaches, no Migraine “fog”, my thinking is clearer, and my quality of life has greatly improved. As an aside, my lower back, which I have seriously strained several times, feels better than it has in years. I also attribute this improvement to NUCCA treatment.

Craig Paulsen

Scoliosis and Low Back Pain

I would like to share what Dr. Thomson from NUCCA Kelowna has done for me. Six months ago I was literally bent forward and sideways. I was not really able to walk without pain and my right side felt like a vise was gripping it – resulting from hip replacement surgery and extreme scoliosis of my spine. My head was bent forward and I had to walk with a cane most times. My hips were twisted so much that my other hip was misplaced and had me thinking I might need another hip replacement.

I have tried many different things to alleviate my worsening disability such as physiotheraphy, rehabilitation specialist, massage and many more areas of healing which all helped with the pain a bit but did not last or help with the problem of my walking upright with a straighter back.

I heard of Dr. Gary Thomson through a friend and have been clearly treated with respect and my concerns have been listened to.  His total procedure has been explained as he worked on me from the x-rays to the different measurements he takes during the visit.

The NUCCA treatment is amazing in its seeming simplicity – painless and takes only a few minutes with the gentle manipulation of the top few vertebrae seems the total spine will adjust itself when tweaked from the top.  I can see the difference as the work has been done, my head is on straight and my hips are even and not twisted.

I have come a long way into being pain free and able to walk without the cane.  Further, I understand that this procedure will not fix my scoliosis but I am walking much taller and feel amazingly out of pain.   On a scale of one to ten the quality of my life has gone from a three to an eight – something I never imagined could happen with being told I would have to live with the pain and the neck bending further forward affecting my balance.

I really am so excited for my life now.  Thank you NUCCA and Dr. Thomson.

Dale Harris

Leg Pain

My name is Jim D. I am a 77 year old retired geologist. My initial problem was sciatic leg pain developing in late 2010. I had experienced this a few times before, but never so severe. In hospital emergency, many tests were conducted, mainly to ensure there were no dreaded diseases, such as a recurrence of cancer. I was amazed at the many different pain-killer drugs administered, in contrast to the lack of advice for healing and recovery.

My family doctor reviewed the test results. He agreed that I had spinal stenos is (vertebral bone overgrowth into the spinal cord canal) which had pinched and killed sciatic nerves. I could no longer lift the front of my left foot. He made an appointment for me to see a neurosurgeon.

Meanwhile I tried a battery of pain killers to decrease the pain, so I could sleep. These drugs made me goofy and I became a nasty burden to my family. I could not sleep properly, drive, or shovel snow. Walking and balancing were precarious.

Then I got a call from a friend and hiking buddy who said “would you consider seeing a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson. He has helped me.” Yes I said, nothing else was working.

Under NUCCA care, I was immediately impressed by the clear and forthright explanation of the recommended treatment, costs, and anticipated results. Spinal misalignments were quickly discerned and treated. Adjustment and traction was gentle and painless. The risks of aggressive techniques were avoided. The accompanying guide notes were very useful. I began stretching exercises at home and pain killers were no longer necessary.

Concurrently, the neurosurgeon examined me and advised that surgery would not help. He prescribed an orthotic boot that would hold up the front of the left foot. It worked well but was not a cure.

My NUCCA treatments continued and I detected early, but gradual improvement. Nerves can grow back but very slowly, I was advised. This has been the case. Recovery is not complete but is moving in the right direction.

I have regained feeling in the left foot by degrees. I can walk without the orthotic boot and without a cane. I can drive again, hike up to seven hours, and shovel snow.

What a gift! I have recommended NUCCA chiropractors to some of my friends as the occasion arises. I recommend early treatment, rather than waiting until the pain is severe and damage is done. Thank you doctors Thomson and Hoffos. You have provided the treatment and most of the healing.

Jim D.

Chest Pain

WHAM! There you are without a history of cancer or genetic predisposition experiencing deep vein thrombosus, pulmatory edema and resuscitation at the Peter Laughead Hospital Intensive Care Unit. The skill of the medical team saved my life. Upon my release from the P.L. H., I booked an assessment with a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Janeen Hoffos. Dr. Hoffos assessment indicated I indeed needed an adjustment and scheduled treatment.

After the first adjustment, the discomfort in my chest and around the heart was relieved to around the 70% mark. If any conclusions can be reached based on my experience, it is that all the organs in my body were significantly benefited and continue to be so after every craniosacral, NUCCA chiropractic and therapy treatment. I have a deep sense of quietude and a pleasant sense of energy flow.

Many thanks to Dr. Janeen Hoffos and the outstanding Wellness Team at the Acadia Wellness Centre.

George M


In September of 2010, Mark began to experience headaches that were severe enough to have side effects. He would experience stomach aches and bowel discomfort, often in the form of diarrhea and vomiting. Aching muscles and Joints made most forms of activity less than enjoyable. He often rated his headaches – considered migraines by most – as at least an 8 on the scale of 1 to 10. Our wonderful Alberta Chinook arches could bring that number up to a 10 with no problem. Sleep was a precious commodity and very seldom did he awaken feeling refreshed. For someone who had just tuned 13, he was not enjoying being a teenager.

We had been on a course to discover what was causing his increasing headaches for about 4 years. This research included: CAT scans, MRI’s, numerous doctors in varying fields- from pediatricians and psychiatrists to specialists and counselors. Mark was always a game patient and willing to at least try what was recommended. There always seemed to be some little bit that would help for at least a little while, but too soon he was back to missing life because it was just too much for his system to handle.

Prescribed medication was never something that was strongly pushed. Those that were used seemed to create more problems then they cured and were stopped. Vitamins were, and still are, used and thankfully eating was not a negative activity. However, milk and gluten may always have some effects, thanks to family history. Naturopathic medications were used with some good results, until he began to fall into that “in some rare cases, side effects may occur.” Always take the time to read the fine print, and refresh your memory at regular intervals.

By December Mark had missed so many days of school there was a real danger that he would have an incomplete year. Calgary Board of Education now offers an on- line series led by teachers, with the student participating via their computer. The novelty was enjoyed, but regular interaction with his peers was seriously lacking.

As you can imagine, learning that he was going to see yet another doctor did not exactly thrill him. We were set to meet a NUCCA chiropractor thanks to the recommendation of a family friend. After the initial meeting in February, to go over all the history, have x-rays and measurements taken, a course of action was scheduled to straighten a serious misalignment in Mark’s spine. Knowing that all he had to do was lay on his side and let Dr. Thomson “milk” his neck, gave Mark a peace of mink that had been missing for far too long. The fact that there was never any pain and nearly instant relief didn’t hurt either. This plan not only included NUCCA but made use of other skills offered at Acadia Wellness. It turned out that Mark was not in need of those, but it’s always nice to know there are many ways to cope with what life throws at us.

After Mark’s second treatment, the goofy teenage boy began to make an appearance. His level of pain would often lessen visible on the 15 minute ride home. It was a true joy, and although at first it didn’t hold till the next appointment, each treatment held longer and longer. As his alignment became more true, he regained his life and the confidence to live it. Dr. Thomson actually enjoys many of the same activities as Mark and encourages him to have fun and lead a normal life – “we can deal with it”.

Mark has started grade nine with his friends. After school activities are cutting into his computer time and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The ladies that man the desk at Acadia Wellness always find a place to fit us in when we need to “get straightened out”. More then a few business cards have been picked up and passed along to anyone who cares to complain in our presence.

Our heart felt thanks to Dr. Thomson and staff at Acadia Wellness Centre.


I struggled daily with severe headaches and jaw pain for nearly four years as a result of a car accident. In time I tried many things – all of which were unsuccessful.

The NUCCA chiropractor’s treatments made an instant and dramatic difference. The treatments combined with cranial sacral treatments provided the missing key – after all those years of pain. They are the reason I am working today.

There is something you can do to feel better. You need to make this call to Acadia Wellness Centre.

Tracy D.

Neck Pain

I have always had neck and upper back problems as far back as I can remember, most likely resulting from an automobile accident when I was fourteen. Over the years the symptoms became more noticeable and I began looking for answers and help as the discomfort became severe. For over fifteen years I visited numerous doctors, specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and an assortment of other alternative health practitioners. Some of these visits would result in temporary relief, only to have the same symptoms return soon thereafter. After a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon I was told my injuries were untreatable, surgery would not help, and my condition would continue to deteriorate until I was unable to even turn my head.

One day I was talking with my old swim coach who I trained with throughout my teen years and he asked how my neck was doing. My answer was obvious. He mentioned he had suffered from a neck problem incurred in a diving accident in his teen years and recently had the problem corrected by Dr. Gary Thomson, a NUCCA chiropractor with a different approach to cervical problems. I was told he was not a snap crackle and pop chiropractor and used a unique approach to adjustments.

I immediately booked an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Thomson. During the evaluation he asked me when I broke my neck. This was a bit of a shock but I quickly realized it most likely happened when I was fourteen in the auto accident. Dr. Thomson advised that as a result of the injury my head was not aligned with my cervical spine and my entire body frame was accommodating for the misalignment. For example my right shoulder was about five inches lower than the left side.

After my first treatment the relief was immediate. Three treatments later I found I was experiencing permanent relief and continue to do so. Now I live without pain and discomfort, walk taller and straighter, and am a much happier person to be around.

I will be forever grateful for what Dr. Thomson has done for me and suggest that if you suffer from neck or back problems, get an evaluation performed by Dr. Gary Thomson.

I’m so glad I did.
Brian H.

After 30 years of small traumas to my neck without treatment and then a fall off my bike about 2 years ago, I got to the point where I had limited movement in my neck. I was experiencing headaches and pain in my neck and shoulders. I had tried various forms of treatment including traditional chiropractic but nothing seemed tohelp especially long term.

When Dr. Travis Cox came to BNI I decided to give NUCCA chiropractic a chance. Dr Cox is gentle, caring and professional and I felt immediately comfortable in his care. After a thorough initial exam, he carefully examined the results to see if in fact NUCCA would be beneficial to me. Deciding it would be he did his initial adjustment. The adjustment consists of me lying on my side and Dr Cox putting light pressure on various points on my neck. I immediately felt relief. After a few weeks of treatment my neck has never felt better and I am headache and pain free. I still have some work to do with the muscles in my neck but I am holding the adjustments and feeling great. My only regret is that I wish I had hadthis treatment 20 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Cox

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Brittany was born on March 27, 1995 by C-section; she weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces and was 20 1 inches long. She scored a 9 on the APGAR Test. She was a healthy baby; good thing since she would need all of that strength for what she would face in the next 5 1 years. Brittany succeeded in being a happy baby even though we noticed she not only slept for short periods at a time and it was a very restless sleep. I would be shopping an envied other mothers and their sleeping babies. I wondered why my baby didn’t seem as content as theirs. I would eventually find out.

As Brittany’s apparent discomfort continued, I solicited direction from our family physician who tried desperately to get us help and also at the Health Unit when we were there for inoculations. Brittany’s pain was assumed to be related to early teething and so we started giving her Children’s Tylenol. We let her deal with the pain during the day since we could focus on playing activities to help her take her mind off the pain and the administered Tylenol prior to bed time; invariably, she woke almost each night, sometimes crying, more Tylenol was given to get through the night. She would be held and rocked to help her get back to sleep; many nights it took her hours to either get to sleep initially or to get back to sleep.

We advanced from Tylenol to Motrin for pain and then eventually our physician prescribed Codeine. Nothing seemed to ease the pain this child was suffering through. We were just surviving and getting through each day only to face the next day in the same situation. Looking to the future, I wondered how my child would ever manage school and have a “normal” life if we didn’t get her some help.

Brittany was seen in the Dental Department of the Children’s Hospital in 1998. They took two PA’s of her top molars and 1 maxilla. They reported all looked normal and could not identify a problem. Brittany became a patient of a pediatric dentist hoping he could find the difficulty – all looked fine. Brittany was also seen by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on September 15, 1999. He advised the results of a series of five para- nasal sinus x-rays were all within normal range for her.

I then called the Dental Department at the Children’s Hospital again refreshed Brittany’s case to them and told them she was experiencing a higher level of pain from when they saw her and where would they suggest we go from here. They said they would be happy to try an x-ray of her jaw and a Panorex full mouth (upper and lower) but doubted they would find anything if they didn’t before.

I tried to have her seen by a specialist in Oro-Facial Pain – she was too young and they would be trying to treat her from my interpretations of where her pain was coming from.

In December, 1999 we discovered Brittany was extremely anemic. Her iron level was 50 where the normal range is 110-157 and her feritin (iron storage) was 1. I have no doubt the Tylenol, Motrin and Codeine we had administered had created an ulcer. So, we gave her ferros-sulfate for three months and monitor her recovery with blood tests. At this point, we knew something was physically wrong with our daughter – my husband and I wanted to find out what it was, address it and fix it. We were watching our daughter get sicker before our eyes, with no one to help her.

My cousin gave me a cassette on Upper Cervical Care to listen to. I did this one day while driving my daughter on country roads while she slept. I knew of a chiropractor friends had gone to and phoned to find out if he provided Upper Cervical Care – he did. In January, 2000 Brittany started seeing him; he diagnosed her with Trigeminal Neuralgia (unusual for someone that young) and a TMJ dysfunction in her jaw. He thought Brittany had sustained a birth trauma injury at the time of delivery. The sooner an injury like this is corrected, the better. Initially Brittany showed improvement for a few nights post treatment, but after four months of treatment I realized a permanent solution would not be found here.

On September 22, 2000, our world changed. Brittany met a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson. Her extensive history was taken, x-rays taken and a treatment given. More x-rays were taken to check and the NUCCA chiropractor was satisfied. Dr. Thomson also thought Brittany’s injury was a result of a birth trauma injury. Within days of her initial appointment with Dr. Thomson, she no longer required pain medication. We kept each appointment Dr. Thomson suggested and continued to show improvement. Dr. Thomson thought Brittany would benefit from Cranial Sacral Therapy which is also provided at the Acadia Wellness Centre. Brittany still sees Dr. Thomson regularly for “check-ups” but it is not uncommon for her to go three of four months between treatments. We also continue the Cranial Therapy regularly. Brittany has started school and is now a healthy little girl who enjoys school and all the activities that go with being in second grade. Our thanks to Dr. Thomson, his staff and Acadia Wellness Centre for all of their caring guidance and help.

Brittany M

Spine Pain

Mine is a 28 yr old story, the short version is… I had a serious head & neck injury from a car accident and suffered head and spinal pain for 28 years, before discovering a NUCCA chiropractor.

Every aspect of my life was affected, as my body could no longer cope with the aftermath of such an injury. A night’s sleep was reduced to 2 or 3 hrs at best; I could no longer go for a walk or go up and down the stairs without sever pain. I couldn’t even ride a vehicle or join family outings because the pain controlled my every moment. When you live in chronic pain…friends become few…healthy people have no understanding of such pain, especially when the problem isn’t visible.

Years of seeing Doctors and Chiropractors, produced little in the way of relief, let alone answers to my problem.

When a NUCCA chiropractor by the name of Dr. Gary Thomson became involved, it was a matter of a specific X-ray and a correct diagnosis before treatment could begin. With the gentle and painless adjustment of the top vertebra, my spine was on its way back to health.

I cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Thomson’s work and this procedure, except to say, I enjoy my life again! Each day should be lived to the fullest and not just endured.

Shelly W.


Thanks to a NUCCA chiropractor I finally have my life back. I was very sick for almost a year and no one knew what was wrong. I’d been to several doctors, specialists and natural health therapists.

When I came to Acadia Wellness Centre Dr. Gary Thomson, a NUCCA chiropractor, actually dissected x-rays and they told the whole story…my head wasn’t on straight – literally! The effect of that misalignment on my central nervous system was immense. The first few treatments made me feel worse & I got scared. But after my 5th treatment, I finally started feeling better. With each treatment, I got healthier and stronger. The dizziness, nausea, memory loss, head & neck aches became less & less and eventually disappeared. I regained energy and I hadn’t felt in a long time. I even got my sense of humor back! Life was fun again!

Now, when I do feel any dizziness or other symptoms I know it’s time for a “nuking” (NUCCA). NUCCA has worked wonders for me. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been – I don’t even catch colds or flu’s anymore!

Thank you Dr. Thomson and the staff at Acadia Wellness Centre. I feel like a walking miracle and as ever grateful!

Luanne S.

TMJ Disorder


For as long as I can remember, I have had cracking in my jaw joints and have ground my teeth at night. Gradually, other symptoms of what was eventually diagnosed as TMJD occurred; headaches, trouble chewing anything hard, the jaw joint areas felt like they were on fire, locking jaw joint when yawning, poor bite, at times, difficulty swallowing and drinking from a glass (hard to do when the jaw is ‘frozen’) many cracked and broken teeth, difficulty receiving dental care because of painful, immobile jaw joints. There were other joint problems; inability to turn my head completely to both sides, knee joint pain which I attributed to an old skiing injury and poor sleep which I have only recently discovered was related.

At one point, one dentist even undertook a program of tooth filing as uneven teeth were thought to be the reason for jaw joint problems. Despite wearing a splint fitted by a later and excellent dentist, my jaw joints, especially the left side deteriorated. I was sent to physiotherapists and then in 1989 I had surgery on both jaw joints.


About a decade ago, upon a recommendation from my parents-in-law, (that’s another great story), I sought treatment from a NUCCA chiropractor.

Subsequent adjustments resulted in relief of knee pain, ability to turn my head with ease and reduction in the inflammation of my jaw joints.

With a lot of moving to various cities and countries, checking in with a NUCCA chiropractor was sporadic as these particular chiropractic doctors were few and far between. Old symptoms would return as my spine slipped back into old habits.


When I returned to Calgary, I sought help from Acadia Wellness Centre. I saw a NUCCA chiropractor and receiving the adjustments, combined with therapeutic massages with emphasis on the muscles of the mouth, have given me the most relief of the most symptoms I have ever had.

Most significantly; adjustment is holding, molars actually meet, some improvement in jaw mobility but because of the length of time and damage to the joints it’s still poor, increased head turning, no knee pain and improved sleep – I hadn’t thought my poor sleep was related to my jaw problems but now it makes sense that it was.

Initially, I felt absolutely euphoric! Relief from pain will do that!

Currently, I am seeking help with the problem of deterioration of my jaw joints but, I wonder, “What if I had received this recent care years ago?”.

Hopefully, my story will help others.

Linda E.


I have had migraine type headaches since I was 10 years old. They always lasted until I could vomit and then get a good nights sleep which took anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, and happened quite frequently.

Various chiropractors I saw helped the migraines as I got older but didn’t stop them.

When I began treatment with a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson, I had a few headaches while the rebalancing took effect. Since then I haven’t had one of the old type headaches, just tired eyes if I read too much.

Thank you Dr. Thomson and Acadia Wellness Centre staff! (By the way, I’m now age 88).

Beatrice W.

Shoulder and Arm Pain

In the 1990s I developed lots of aches and pains in my shoulders and right arm area. I also had many headaches. I started seeing the chiropractor it helped a bit but not completely.

From there I went to an acupuncturist. This relieved the soreness and a bit of the headaches. The acupuncturist sent me to a craniosacral massage therapist and for a while I was visiting both on a regular basis. They thought I was addicted to Tylenol so I stopped taking medicine and went often to them- the headaches stopped for a while and when I didn’t have as many visits to these two, the headaches returned. Finally I heard of Dr. Thomson and his NUCCA treatments. With x-rays and tests he found my problem.

It’s hard to explain such a gentle and powerful a treatment NUCCA is. I continued to see Dr. Thomson and my head stayed in place. Each visit was longer between and this year it was a whole year. My quality of life is much better, most of the symptoms are now gone and I am back bowling every week and square dancing a couple times a week.

Marion H.

Upper Back Pain

More than two years ago, I began treatments from a chiropractor in the hope of relieving persistent headaches as well as a soreness in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Initially, improvement was experienced. However, as time passed, adjustments were required more frequently with little or no relief resulting.

I found myself growing more and more dependent on this weekly routine – sometimes needing 3 adjustments per week – and still not feeling any better. My whole life seemed to be ruled by how my neck and back felt. It was an all consuming day to day issue. I was becoming more frustrated and did not know what to do.

Then a friend of mine told me about a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson, and his gentle method of chiropractics (NUCCA). I watched the video explaining NUCCA and, thinking I had nothing to lose, I made an appointment to see him.

I have been under Dr. Thomson’s care now for approximately 9 weeks. I have needed only 3 adjustments in that time. The results are very positive and I am feeling better and better each day. He has also given me stretches to do every morning and night which really help. More importantly, the adjustments are holding. I am confident that this positive trend will continue.

My overall health has improved both physically and mentally because I am no longer living with pain and discomfort all of the time. Also, my energy level is higher as I do not need to fight off constant headaches and back aches. NUCCA has definitely improved my quality of life.

I am so pleased that I met a NUCCA chiropractor. My days are no longer consumed with my neck and back as I know I will feel good. I really feel like I have my life back! Thank you Dr. Thomson and Acadia Wellness Centre staff for your thorough and caring approach to my health.

Nancy S.

Lower Back Pain

After being in a car accident 6 years ago, I’ve suffered with lower back pain ranging from a dull ache to periods where it felt like being stabbed with a sharp knife. Going into the initial assessment, there was some skepticism that this would relieve the pain, but seeing how out of alignment my body had become,started to turn me around.

The X-Ray exam was a simple affair that helped identify that the head and atlas vertebra were out of alignment. The first NUCCA gentle touch session was a little unusual at first, but the results were almost immediate. Dr. Travis Cox took the time to explain the process and procedures that take place in re-aligning thevertebra and he always made me feel comfortable before starting the procedure.

Within the hour of the first session, the ache was reduced to a mild throbbing and after the fourth session I was free from the lower back pain for the first time in 6 years. I’ve been able to get back into a more active exercise routine now without worry of seizing up in pain afterwards and feel happier and healthier for it.

Greg H.

Family Wellness

To Anyone Interested in a NUCCA Chiropractor:

There are three people in our family, 2 adults and one child. We have all experienced the NUCCA method of chiropractic and highly recommend it. It is gently, painless and extremely effective.

An introduction it to chiropractic treatment started 8 years ago for us. Laurie was running across the street when her neck suddenly wen out of alignment. As it turned out this neck problem stemmed from an injury sustained 25 years prior to the symptoms she was experiencing. She was in severe pain and sought the help of a chiropractor. For over 2 years, she went for weekly visit which provided short term relief but nothing sustainable. Theses treatments were of the type that twisted your neck and cracked your back, and this became a concern to us. we wondered if we were doing the right thing.

Then we hear of the NUCCA method of a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson. Our good friend’s recommended him and we thought we would try it. That was a very good decision because today we are perfectly aligned, and we only visit the Acadia Wellness Centre an average of once per year to ensure we are sustaining our alignment. Quite a difference, once a year with good health, no pain and perfect alignment, as opposed to once a week, still experiencing pain and no sustainable changes.

Our son had experienced numerous surgeries involving his head and suffered with headaches. Now when he gets a headache, we know his spine is out of alignment. This usually coincides with a fall on the ski hill or a jolt of some sort, which happens in the life of a normal active teenager. Usually only one NUCCA adjustment puts him into alignment, gets rid of the headaches and allows him to grow and develop in a healthy, pain free way.

Jim, like many men, used to just suffer in silence. Now he knows he doesn’t have to suffer. When his body gets jarred and goes out of alignment from working in the wrong position or from taking spill on the toboggan hill with his son, he goes for a NUCCA alignment right away and feels great.

Good health is important to us. As adults we are aging gracefully without pain, and our son is experiencing his major growth years in the best manner possible. We are grateful that we tried this and it truly works.

In good health,
Jim, Laurie and Sean F.

Chronic Back Pain

Seven years ago I was experiencing body pain and headaches due to chronic back trouble and stress at work. My doctor sent me for physiotherapy. That did not alleviate the pain. The physiotherapist suggested a chiropractor. The chiropractor was able to help me, but I could not justify the shock to my body of having my neck snapped so violently.

A friend suggested a new kind of treatment, NUCCA. She had a car accident that left her in much pain. All doctor treatments had failed to help her. After only a couple of NUCCA treatments, she was back on her feet. I was skeptical. Also, the initial fee was substantial, for there is a need for X-rays. However, I did need help if I was going to continue working, so I made an appointment with the NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson. After my first NUCCA treatment I remember leaving the office feeling very foolish, as if I had just wasted my money. I had felt nothing during the treatment, it was just a light touch behind my ear. The next day, however, my back muscles were very sore in a different way, and I knew that something had changed. The headaches were gone, also.

As time passed, I went to visit Dr. Thomson less and less. Now I only make an appointment if I have hurt myself by doing especially heavy work, or a fall. Over the years I have referred a number of friends to Acadia Wellness Centre. I always wait until they have depleted all other options and then I explain the NUCCA method to them. In every case, these persons have been helped. I know that I would never choose to live any place where I could not receive this treatment from a NUCCA chiropractor when I needed it.

Ms. L.S.


A NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Gary Thomson, came highly recommended to me. My friend Blair discovered him when she was having problems with her jaw. She told me that after the first NUCCA adjustment she was able to open her mouth again. Because I had jaw surgery, she thought it might help me when my jaw was unwired. It wasn’t the unwiring of my jaw that convinced me to see a NUCCA chiropractor. It was the nagging backache & pain running down my legs to the balls of my feet. Over the years, adjustments & treatments by different chiropractors, massage therapists & acupuncture were only temporary. As soon as I went back to any physical activity or even walking the pain would be back.

I thought it would take several months in order to see the NUCCA chiropractor. I was quite surprised that I was able to see him in two weeks when I booked my appointment. During my consultation I was impressed on how thorough Dr. Thomson was with the exactness of the measurements & the calculations done of the x-rays of my head and neck area.

After many adjustments from different chiropractors I have had I was amazed at how gentle NUCCA was. When my adjustment was finished it felt as if there was a string attached to the top of my head & that it was gently lifting my head up & lining up my whole body. For the first time in many years I no longer slouched & when I walk it’s with my head held high instead of looking at the ground.

I am quite amazed what Dr. Thomson has done for me in 5 months in comparison with other treatments I have done over 20 years. I would highly recommend a NUCCA chiropractor to anyone who has had any major pains. You would be surprised at what a gentle method NUCCA is to alleviate pain.

Sincerely Yours,

Lily D.

Back Pain

A few years ago I broke a bone in my left ankle and later sprained the right one. Ever since then, walking has been uncomfortable. Orthotics and lifts were used to try to correct the problem. It was suggested that I use walking poles when going for a walk, because my balance was poor. Also, it was difficult to walk on uneven ground.

I had my first treatment with Dr. Thomson in July, 2013. After the first adjustment the walking poles and lift were eliminated. Soon after that, I was walking on uneven ground without discomfort. Gradually, the gait, balance and speed have improved and now I’m walking with complete ease and comfort.

I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Thomson’s expertise and professionalism and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring chiropractic care.



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